Refurbish the shuttered Resource Centres to expose, particularly the young to understanding and learning technological solutions, that will enhance productivity and their lives in general; especially as it relates to learning and training, and evolving work-at-home solutions; or as tools in the support of the many productive areas of emphasis, including small business operations, fishing and agriculture.

Help work on social-funded projects to make broadband access more affordable to support these services.


The development of small manufacturing, agro-processing and general services, which will open up opportunities and expand the business base in Central Leeward.

Through these activities, there will create hundreds of jobs, which could in a short seven years completely eliminate youth unemployment in the area.


Investing in modern system of fishing for the delivery of high yields, and to inspire the development of parallel supporting industries – from marketing to packaging to processing.

This will include developing expanding storage facilities in the constituency, and refurbishing the fish processing plant.


With the emerging business services in technology, general small businesses, fishing, agriculture etc, there will be the need for the development of a services sector to help enhance and support those economic activities, from professionalize services such as accounting, information dissemination, and social media services to support services such as delivery, transportation, secretarial, cleaning etc.


State of the Art Studio; making music for the world, right from Central Leeward.

We will advocate and promote the establishment of a state-of-the-art music recording studio, with an emphasis on training our young people in the production of entertainment products and services, such as music production technology, audio and music engineering, vocal arts production and acoustics.


  • Provide an access for training and production for the young people of CL and surrounding areas
  • Help promote the creation of a dynamic Vincentian music industry, where the world becomes our market
  • Provide opportunities in creative services – audio technicians; producers; writers; singers et cet
  • Produce skilled and competent individuals who will be able to set up their own business or find employment in those that already exist.


Renovate the playing fields in Layou and Barrailloue, thereby providing a safe space for skill enhancement and enjoyment; install solar powered lighting to facilitate nighttime activities while promoting environmental awareness and protection; encourage sportsmanship thus paving the pathway to scholarship opportunities; promote sports as more than hobbies, placing emphasis on the sector as means of employment and livelihood.